Travel Permits

Why You Need A Travel Permit

Hockey Canada only sanctions events in which all participants are registered members of Hockey Canada or USA Hockey. When playing in a tournament or exhibition game you need to verify your registration with the branch and a travel permit serves as the verification that your team and its members are registered with Hockey Northwestern Ontario.  Teams traveling without a travel permit will be subject to a fine and loss of further travel permits. 

How to get a Travel Permit

Starting with the 2017/18 season a portal based system will be used for Travel Permits.  Each association will have an individual with a login that will apply for the travel permits for all the teams in that association. 

So, team managers must follow the protocol put in place by your association to apply for travel permit in a timely manner.

Travel Permits are required for all tournaments (except the tournament hosted by your own association) and all exhibition games HNO teams and against non-HNO teams (i.e. USA Hockey, OWHA, NOHA, Hockey Manitoba, etc.).  If you are playing a team that is not registered with HNO, you will be required to submit a copy of the teams approved Hockey Canada Registry Roster or Approved USA Hockey Roster with the request. 

Please contact your local association for more information. 

Approved Travel Permits will be issued back to the association automatically via the portal system once the permit is approved by HNO.

What is Required for an Approved Travel Permit

An approved roster in the Hockey Canada Registry which includes:

  • Coaches meeting clinic requirements for that division and category of play
  • Trainer with proper certification
  • All personnel with Speak Out/Respect in Sport Activity Leader training 
  • Completed two online training modules on gender equality (new for 2017/18)
  • Police Record Checks on File with the HNO office 
  • Copy of opponents Hockey Canada Registry Approved Roster or Approved USA Hockey Roster for exhibition games
  • Rowan’s Law waiver for everyone
  • Respect In Sport Parent for the players

Teams are required to submit any gamesheets from exhibition games and tournaments outside of HNO that have a major penalty, match penalty or gross misconduct within twenty-four hours of the exhibition game or last game of the tournament. 

Travel Permit Cost

$16.00 + HST for travel permits submitted more than 5 working days before the tournament start date or any exhibition game.

$50 + HST for any travel permits requested less than 5 business days before the tournament start date or any exhibition game.

There is no fee for U7 Travel Permits. 

There is no fee for an exhibition game against another HNO team provided it is submitted more than 5 business day before.